Business Growth and Modernization

Most companies provide just one piece of the puzzle and you are on your own to put the whole thing together, which is likely why most small businesses fail. We are set up to provide everything necessary and we will walk you through the process.
We absorb ideas, inspire greatness, and foster dynamic collaboration among our assembly of key stakeholders, including our entrepreneurs and partners, as well as our network of angel investors and strategic acquirers. We offer value-added services that provide substantial advantages for business expansion Beyond capital, NLS delivers true value with a mission rooted in the fundamentals of the consummate inventor. It is from this foundation that we are able to realize the full capacity of achievement and success. And consequently, so can you.

Legacy system modernization is often a large, multiyear project. Because these legacy systems are often critical in the operations of most enterprises, deploying the modernized system all at once introduces an unacceptable level of operational risk. As a result, legacy systems are typically modernized incrementally. Initially, the system consists completely of legacy code. As each increment is completed, the percentage of legacy code decreases. Eventually, the system is completely modernized. A migration strategy must ensure that the system remains fully functional during the modernization effort.

Making of software modernization decisions is a process within some organizational context. “Real world” decision making in business organizations often have to be made based on “bounded rationality”.[2] Besides that there exists multiple (and possibly conflicting) decision criteria, the certainty, completeness, and availability of useful information (as a basis for the decision) is often limited.

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